Fighting over patients is bad for GP-pharmacy relations

Fighting over patients is bad for GP-pharmacy relations

Cash-strapped healthcare providers are fighting over patients, driving a wedge between GPs and community pharmacists who need to be finding ways of working together.

Recent reports that GPs have resorted to underhand tactics to try to encourage patients not to go to a pharmacist for their annual flu vaccination are disturbing, but perhaps not all that surprising.

Some of the stories, reported in the pharmaceutical and medical press, that have emerged include one GP practice in the Midlands sending its patients a text telling them that vaccines offered by community pharmacists were ‘less safe’ than those offered at local surgeries.

Another reported that a GP practice, also in the Midlands, had allegedly turned off its electronic prescription service (EPS) so patients were forced to pick up their prescriptions in person from the surgery where they were then offered the vaccine.

Read the full article in the Pharmaceutical Journal here.

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